The Anderson Way.

Custom Homes

Anderson Homes is one of southeast Texas’ most well-established and reputable builders; building custom homes of distinction, covering the spectrum from custom additions and renovations, to outdoor living spaces and commercial buildings.

The process of designing a home or commercial space can be complicated. There are hundreds of decisions to make, countless materials to order, and thousands of man hours needed to complete a project. Coordinating this delicate dance takes a finesse that we have perfected. At Anderson Homes we understand the process can be overwhelming, it is our job to guide you through from start to finish. Keeping you informed and involved while allowing you the freedom to create your vision without the added stress of managing the project directly.

We partner only with artisans, craftsmen, and professional suppliers who represent the best in their respective fields. They share our same values, and hold to our level of commitment to exceed clients’ expectations. Whether the project is large or small our team puts the same pride and craftsmanship into it. When you see the completed project, you will know it is an Anderson Home.

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Details, Distinction, Design.

Custom Homes
At Anderson Homes we believe that these are the three most important elements that go into each and every one of our projects.

Details. We build the highest quality custom homes because we obsess over every detail, great and small. Providing the necessary oversight to make sure every component of your project falls effortlessly into place.

Distinction. We are different from other construction companies because of our proven experience, our exceptional honesty and our demonstrated commitment to our clients, craftsman, and suppliers. Our mantra is “integrity from the ground up.” The integrity of our company and the integrity of our materials used are on the forefront of our minds at all times.

Design. We will work very closely with you to help you develop your ideas and create the ultimate vision for your new space. We aspire to create spaces that are unique, yet have a timeless feel, as if they have always been there.