Sometimes compact and clever is better than spacious and silly. Enjoy these 10 tips and tricks that Apartment Therapy threw together for making a dream home a smart home!

First: A drawer for all the kitchen utensils!

Or this slide-out bathroom styling station. 

This pull-out sideways medicine cabinet is a nice touch!

Slim drawers built in the bathtub casing. Jacuse me?

Dry ingredients taking up counter space? 

This may be the coolest trick there is- These stairs-turned-drawers. Or what if we did a gun safe?

Cleaning supply cabinet with a built-in caddy. Pretty handy!

How about a hideaway pet dish and food storage combo?

Or if that doesn't cut it, perhaps a slide-out knife block will.

Lastly, where in the world are you supposed to store that much needed step stool? Oh, that's where. 

Contact us today if you need help with your next home renovation. Maybe we can have some fun and incorporate a few of these unique ideas!