Don't let summer slip away,

Bolivar makes the perfect getaway!

We hope you had a great Mother's Day, Father's Day & you're gearing up for an even better Independence Day! We wanted to not only wish you well during this fun time of year, but also remind you that even if you can't make it to the shores of St. Lucia this summer- there's still a beach with your name on it! 

We've spent quite a bit of time building on the peninsula and in that time, we've grown to love so many local hangouts! Here is a look at a few, in hopes it gives you just enough motivation to pack up and head down for an incredible July 4th! 

We are at the beach- So that means the kids get Ice Cream and you get a margarita. Rita's & Cream is a relatively new spot that can set you up for a great day. What do we recommend? Yes. 

All that sugar can be played off in the sand or on the slides. Bolivar has a number of great spots to bring the kids for the day and let them be... well, kids! The slides are a blast and a safe spot to spend the day. There's even a place to grab a quick burger for lunch. 

After a long day in the sun- you gotta eat good! Stingaree and Down Under provide the perfect atmosphere to do just that! It may be too late to get a crawfish fix but it's never too late for Avocado Delight. If you go for dinner you will likely get to enjoy some live music that never disappoints. 

Bonus: I spy a camel on an electrical pole. 

Enjoy your summer and always remember if you need a place to stay, stay with Anderson! Our Beach Bum Inn is available for booking HERE!

See you down there!