Earlier this month Houzz released the results of its 2018 Kitchen Trends Study. Here's are a few of the highlights...

Style and Storage Matter Above All

Similar to past findings, the majority of homeowners prioritize storage over all other functions of their kitchens, with ease of working, playing, living, or entertaining not far behind. Aside from function, style and beauty are considered the most important aspects of a well-designed kitchen.


White and Wood Make It Good

White continues to gain in popularity in updated kitchens, with white countertops, backsplashes, and wall finishes gaining six percentage points each compared with the previous years study. (For example, white countertops increased to 27% in 2017-18 from 21% in 2016-17.) White is even more popular in urban and suburban kitchens compared with rural areas. The choice of wood flooring is also on the rise (52% in 2017-18 vs. 49% in 2016-17).


Engineered Quartz Now #1

Countertops are the top feature upgraded in kitchen renovations (94% of renovating homeowners) and engineered quartz is now the most popular material for them (43%), having a greater share in 2017-18 compared with the previous two years (41% in 2016-17 and 38% in 2015-16 projects, respectively). In contrast, the classic look of granite is on a three-year decline (34%, 40% and 43%, respectively).

smart fridge.jpg

Appliances With a Side of Tech

Nine in 10 homeowners replace all or some appliances during kitchen renovations (90%), with refrigerators and dishwashers the most common upgrades. High-tech features such as color-touchscreen controls or built-in speakers appear in one in four new appliances (25%). Wireless and voice-controlled appliances are in 11% of upgraded appliances (combined) in 2017-18 projects and are markedly gaining in popularity.