We build the highest quality custom homes because we obsess over every detail, great and small. Providing the necessary oversight to make sure every component of your project falls effortlessly into place. To the left, you will see an example of our energy promise, a huge reason why Anderson Homes is set apart.

You will have an energy-efficient home!

It is easy to make a promise. It is hard to keep one. It is even harder to deliver and keep a promise with regard to building an energy efficient home. This is because "efficiency" is invisible. You cannot see, touch, or hear efficiency. While we aren’t in to empty promises, we are committed to focus on delivering ever-greater efficiency to provide our clients abundant comfort and low utility bills.

The Commitment
To make our commitment tangible, we have partnered with TONER Home Matters to lower the energy used to heat and cool your home. TONER Home Matters is an Energy and Sustainability Consultant that uses building forensics, historical references and specific climate applications to design a project that functions as a system instead of individual parts and pieces, all the while meeting the clients perceived and unperceived needs and expectations.

The Methodology    
To further insure the energy efficiency of your home, we incorporate the TONER Home Matters methodology of: Energy Analysis, Inspection, Testing, Confirmation, and Energy Certification. That's the tangible commitment of delivered energy efficiency from Anderson Homes and Snyder Energy Services. 

The Result    
Using Advanced Building Science, Anderson Homes is able to offer you the peace of mind of a better performing product. Not only can an Anderson High Performance Home be more energy and water efficient; it also can be less expensive to operate, and be a healthier and more comfortable place to live. While the upfront costs may be higher, many energy efficient products will pay for themselves via reduced energy bills, in as little as three years.

Only Anderson    
Anderson Homes is the only builder in Southeast Texas that utilizes a full time energy consultation company.